Incorporating a minimalist aesthetic in your interiors

The word minimal means ‘less’. And sometimes, less can be more, which brings us to the concept of minimalism. Minimalism means use of less components, in this case, in interior designing. Sometimes, the absence of more can end up giving the space a grand effect.

Use of Fabric in Interior Designing

Fabric, one can say, might be the most underrated element in interior design; since one normally tends to think of furniture, lighting, etc. Fabric is in fact, one of the core elements of interior design.Fabric is used as covers for furniture like sofa, chairs, mattresses, etc. They can be used as drapes ie curtains as well as bed sheets. It can be used as cushion and pillow covers, sheets that cover dining tables, napkins, towels, etc.

Importance of proper lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Proper lighting can provide the right ambience to a surrounding, whether a professional or personal space. Just the right amount of colour and luminosity can work wonders. Striking the right balance between these two elements in order to create the desirable lighting is essential.