Synonymous with elegance, all our creations are designed and made exclusively in Italy by skilled and experienced craftsmen. Universally appreciated for the prestige of the materials used, our products feature blown glass, sometimes with inserts of gold and silver leaf, moulded in the most acclaimed Italian furnaces by the greatest master glassmakers. Our collections are enhanced by valuable Scholer crystals, wrought iron, hand-turned brass and bronze, by prestigious marble selected directly in the quarries, and by the finest wood, crafted by the hands of the most skilled woodworkers. The full-grain leathers, oriental silks and organza used in our lampshades are all put together in-house and treated patiently, focusing closely on even the tiniest details. A separate chapter must be dedicated to the use of Swarovski crystal, characterised by extreme precision cutting which conveys the purest, brightest light to every element. Euroluce bears the mark of the manufacturer, “Made with Swarovski elements”, which identifies only the most prestigious crystal elements, made by Swarovski.