The tradition of Giorgetti goes back to more than 100 years ago when it started its activity in Brianza. It still forges ahead with innovation, conserving the patrimony of its experience in cabinet making. Giorgetti’s aesthetic transpires elegance, sobriety, and decisiveness. Its furnishing style can be immediately identified and defined as ‘the Giorgetti style’: unique and original. These values have materialised into products that dismiss the ordinary to create exclusive and versatile solutions.

The products manufactured by Giorgetti are a prime example of Made and Manufactured in Italy. Starting from design, creativity and style up to the actual production, the entire production process is entirely made in Italy by highly qualified and skilled artisans. Giorgetti products are functional and made of long-lasting quality materials with eco-friendly efficient technologies. The Made in Italy artisanal production surpasses the logic of the standard product and guarantees a high level of product customization.