Motivated by his lifelong passion for wood, Josef Grabner founded the company “J Grabner GmbH” in 2002.
Today about 30 employees share his enthusiasm for the natural material and its possibilities.

In order to save valuable resources, we have specialized in veneers and boards with veneer top layer, i.e. a thin layer of wood on a carrier board, from the very beginning.
Compared to solid wood, we can thus produce many more square meters of pure well-being from the same amount of material.

We produce and trade in local precious woods and are also specialists in the procurement of particularly high-quality woods and veneers, including CHARISMA VENEER, from all over the world. In addition, we offer boards for sauna construction (SAUNABOARD) and for furniture and interior design (PRAEGEBOARD and ALPINEBOARD). Since May 2010 we are FSC®-certified (FSC C089477). In addition, we offer PEFC-certified wood and veneers since January 2011.