Good Homes- November-2020

The new gold is all about muted and subtle glamour. Gone are the days when in-your-face lustre ruled our festive décor. And to commemorate this coming of age, here’s our curation of designs that go hand in hand with the new normal of intimate celebrations. These elegant forms reflect just that. They make excellent gifting solutions and are thoughtful in the sense, they match the celebratory tenor of this time of year. You can never go wrong with this curation…so, read on! Your search to bridge the gap between wellness and opulence ends now! These 19 solutions celebrate gold and how!


It’s the famous “dab” we see on many dance floors or on playing fields when we’ve just achieved a spectacular score. The triumph one feels is beautifully encapsulated in the Dab Penguin design by Bosa that’s available at Sources Unlimited.

The Dab Penguin by Bosa, available at Sources Unlimited.