It was in 1985 that Moreno Brambilla presented a collection of classic furniture. The collection was called Jumbo and was immediately noted for having some of the finest and most elegant Made in Italy workmanship.

A stronghold of the finest quality craftsmanship, inextricable from an inherent tendency towards innovation: in 2011 the company acquired the license for Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors, in 2014 that of Gianfranco Ferré Home and in 2017, ETRO Home Interiors. In 2016 JCP Universe made its début, a new brand fusing art and design through stylistic research that is formal, daring and unconventional. This was how, in 2018, Jumbo Group was formed, a company with an eclectic spirit where diverse living concepts come together.

The constant push towards change led the group, in 2022, to revolutionise their identity: thus was born the ONIRO Group. The focus remains on luxury furnishings, but the narrative is enriched with a new facet – that of the dream, the goal and nourishment of every project.