Whether it is centuries of Bohemian tradition, or the passion, skill and creative vision of craftsmen and lighting artists, Preciosa’s innovative ideas continually lead to unconventional designs far beyond the predictable and ordinary. In the 17th century, Bohemia began to melt spectacularly crystal-clear glass whose clarity, brilliance, and hardness was predestined for engraving and cutting. This glass, which came to be known as Bohemian crystal, became the country’s specialty sought after throughout the world.

Glassmakers perfected the craft and passed their knowledge down for centuries, from father to son. Preciosa carries this cultural heritage, treasuring old sketches, forms, and techniques that strive to artfully combine tradition and vision. Every manufactured piece is touched by a number of skilled hands and imprinted with Bohemian heritage, strengthening its surface with authenticity and originality. After 290 years of experience, enthusiasm, passion, and determination still best describe the atmosphere that is translated into each piece of work crafted with love.