The term ‘Quasar’ – simply defined – means ‘a rising star’… And this is the story of how Quasar, a family lighting business, became a rising star within the international lighting market, and continues to burn brighter than ever, as the collection strengthens and grows, year on year.
Father and Founder Teun van Gammeren first launched Quasar internationally in 1992, at Euroluce, Milan. At the time, the collection consisted mainly of cast metal lighting designs, available in three finishes: raw aluminium, polished aluminium and bronze, with each finish lending itself to one of three categories: classic, timeless or modern ambience.
Whilst the collection has changed somewhat since then, Quasar, still to this day, continues to offer many finishes, allowing each design to be used in classic, timeless or modern ambience.
Throughout the years, the collection has been (and continues to be) enriched by remarkable designs from numerous Dutch designers, but moreover, designers from overseas. This has given Quasar an enormous boost and allowed them to become more internationally recognised.
In the early days, Quasar worked with three collections, before deciding to merge them all into one. They took the premise that it is not necessary to distinguish a collection if all models are strong on their own. Since then, Quasar’s collection has become only one, but with each design now a standout star.
Today, with Teun’s sons, Arjens & John at the helm ensuring Quasar’s founding principles are respected and built upon, the company collaborates with international designers from all over the world. Each new addition to the collection is unique, timeless and instantly recognisable as a Quasar product.
Quasar are also now bespoke lighting specialists, giving clients the opportunity to tailor each Quasar design to their own specific project requirements.
All of this has helped the company create a strong position for itself, and become a serious world player, within the international high-end lighting market, where at present, export accounts for 85% of turnover.
Through a steady growth of the collection, these days, Quasar belongs to the creative avant-garde in the decorative worldwide lighting market. For the future, Quasar continues to develop, staying far ahead of trends whilst continually searching for beautiful lighting solutions.