WAW COLLECTION brand was born in 2019, from the desire to develop, produce and sell furnishing accessories, lighting and design objects, under the creative direction of Fernando Correa.
Architect and designer of Mexican origins and Italian-American professional training, Correa has been combining elegance, simplicity, love for details, new trends and the wise use of carefully selected materials for over twenty years.
The name WAW, taken from the onomatopoeic exclamation wow, draws its inspiration from the concept of wonder and amazement. Hence the desire to create a series of design objects and furnishings able to tell, amaze, surprise and excite, involving both the space in which they are connoted and those who observe them.
The WAW logo originates from the concept of conjunction between opposites, where the triangles, depending on the arrangement, represent a different alchemical element between Water, Air, Earth and Fire. Furthermore, the arrangement of this geometric shape, historically perceived as perfect, wants to be a reference for numerous anthropological and ritual traditions.
The choice of materials is carried out with care and originality, thus defining an unconventional, complete and well-rounded research in which every aspect communicates with the other and in which sustainability plays a key role