Femina – January 2021

Arpita Bhandari On How To Create Your At-Home Space Using Furniture

“As a design energist and a life strategist, I believe in a life-transforming theory known as the “Theory of Mind”. This is where, colours, forms and emotions play an integral part in designing or recreating a space,” says interior designer and space consultant, Arpita Bhandari. She urges readers to embark on a new, positive journey this festive season, opening up to new experiences and invariably switching up the areas around you for a positive shift in attitude, the way to do that–colours. “Allow your space to be the seat of transformation for a new beginning this Diwali. Let’s do things differently and open ourselves to newer experiences by giving our home an appearance which is totally unique by using furniture and vibrant trendy colours of 2021. Colour plays an important role in our lives,” she says. But do we really give it that much importance in our day to day life?

“Colours have different associations and feelings attached to them. Each colour has certain experiences, memories and emotions attached to it coming from our past experiences, Which is why we like few colours or dislike a few,” explains Arpita. And while we may have explored the significance and its uses in the past, Arpita reveals why is it that some colours affect us more than others.

“Colours are a reflection of our feelings and emotions. For 2021, one of the key colour palettes to have is warm tones inspired by nature, such as earthy reds, soft browns, stiff key blue, natural greens, blush, medium grey and vermilion red,” she says. Based on how each colour makes you feel let’s revive your space this Diwali to gear you up for 2021 with limitless possibilities.

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